Cyber Security

Enhancement in technology ahead and the world getting characteristically associated, there are complex and appropriated cooperations among individuals, applications, and information. This has rendered ventures powerless against deadly, progressed, and unpredictable cyberattacks that are difficult to protect.

It is indispensable to accelerate the cyber defense mechanism by inserting cybersecurity into your technology structure and at each phase of your business lifecycle, assembling versatility, and an association-wide security outlook. The need of great importance is to install security into your undertaking texture, build resilience, and scale in your digital program and secure for the future.

Integresolutions is committed to building an all-encompassing security program with our set-up of administration contributions

  • Structured - We structure an adaptable and future prepared cybersecurity suite for actualizing a complete security procedure
  • Deliver - Integre modify, digitize, and coordinate across the framework, information, and applications from on-reason to cloud
  • Secure - We help administer, operate, supervise, distinguish, and acknowledge to cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Architecture

Our cybersecurity architecture follows CyberShield philosophy, ensuring that a suitable equalization of innovation and business process is utilized to relieve security risk. The system empowers Integre security and arrangement planners to structure and actualize an answer that diminishes the dangers to your association, yet additionally guarantees effective business results.


Cybersecurity Implementation Service

Associations depending on innovation exclusively to convey a compelling security monitoring arrangement will discover they miss the mark over and over while combating cyberattacks. Integresolutions IT experts work with you to drive enormous security tries. We center around effectively adjusting individuals, procedures, and innovation against a custom risk profile for your organization.


Cybersecurity Managed Service

With threat persistently on the ascent, associations must pay attention to their cybersecurity so as to endure. However, more than half of the firms reported a cyber attack in 2019 – so it's important that organizations invest in advanced measures and enhance their security majors. We oversaw cybersecurity administrations that are fit to any estimated association, protecting from the most recent dangers and vulnerabilities. We work intimately with industry-driving data security and business coherence accomplices to ensure that we give the most advanced solutions available.